How to make surface created by the revolve command into a solid?

Hi, there I am doing a preparetion for my exam on monday and I was wondering is it possible to make surface created by the revolve into solid or mesh? Because I wanted to use boolean difference and it off course isnt going to work on surfaces. Here is the screenshot. Red is professors example blue is mine and I need to have same result. (I tried Loft in holes but it is not looking smothly like professors).

Here is the better screenshot

Your understanding of booleans is incorrect. Booleans can and do work on surfaces, but mostly booleans are designed to make you stupid. I would recommend you learn to do this without using booleans.

Booleans are an alternative method of trimming and joining surfaces and if you learn how to do what you are trying to do by trimming and joining you will become a lot smarter and more competent Rhino user. Trimming and joining is also often faster and more reliable than trying to do it with a boolean.

Here is what you need to understand to be a competent at creating models such as the one you are working on:

The Trim command is a macro one-step operation for splitting (Split command) and discarding the parts you don’t want. The split command is a macro one step operation that creates a intersection curve (Intersect command) and then uses the curve to split the surfaces.
If you become adept at using the Trim, Split, Intersect and Join commands you will be smarter than your professor in no time.

With your example here is how I would do it:

First, Select your blue bottle and the two white surfaces.
Then run Trim and pick on the parts of the white surfaces you want removed and on the blue bottle parts that you want trimmed off.
Then punch the Join button and voila you have a solid.
Trim_bottle.3dm (538.3 KB)


thank you. I already did it with trim but I was still wondering if there is a possibility to make my untrimed surface made by revilve into solid or mesh.

I don’t understand what you are asking. All you posted was a picture of your geometry. It looked to me that the revolve was a solid.

In Rhino, a solid is an object made of surfaces with no naked edges (a closed polysurface). The blue object looked like it was a closed polysurface.

A mesh is a different type of geometry that is composed of polygons.
In Rhino, each polygon is either a triangle or quadrilateral. You can use the Mesh command to convert a surface or polysurface to a mesh.

Rhino also uses mesh objects for displaying surfaces in shaded views.
Your picture was actually a picture of the render mesh of your surfaces.

Its easy to make a solid revolved object - just make sure the curve you want to revolve starts and ends at the revolve axis.