How to make spiral intersected surface

Hello everyone!
I want to achive controlled spiral intersected surface like on a screenshot below.
I tryed to make it through a bunch of separated curves with Patch but as expected it made uncintrolled seams and topology.
Do anyone have any idea how to do this in proper way?

Spiral.3dm (926.0 KB) (11.2 KB)

Hi Nick,

Though this script is using a mesh to sculpt the shape (rationalize into panels later :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), it might get you going in a similar (or totally different) direction :laughing:- still worth sharing, I assume you could use a spiral instead, 'hope it helps!
sculpted_tower_update.ghx (380.1 KB)

p.s.: use regular mesh smoothing (or laplacian) if you don’t want triangulation from the weaverbird subdivision at the end