How to make solid (Open polysurface to solid) in rhino

How can I make solid (Open polysurface to solid) in rhino. Attached my Rhino file.
Concrete.3dm (848.3 KB)

The Size of this object is quite huge… 13~14meters long?

Perhaps you can lower the tolerance of the file itself.

Then explode and join to get both object as closed polysurface then use boolean.

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Hi there,
I exploded the object twice, since it was a block already and then used BooleanUnion - Command line says: BooleanUnion failed.

If you do showedges, you can see that
couple of edge are out naked, and out of tolerance.

By going to File->Properties->Units

The tolerance set on the file is in mm and 0.0001units. which seems to be overspec for the size of the object.

I changed model units to meter and set scale pop-up yes.

Explode the part to surface then join all together again and it should close.
same for other part.
Attached is the file after closing surface.
Concrete_meter.3dm (1.6 MB)

Then boolean union.

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Thank you for your replies. Still I am getting one error in circular portion.
Can anyone help?
attached Rhino file. Please note I am using Rhino5.Concrete.3dm (1.1 MB)

Yes its offshore wind mill platform. 14m long.

Sorry about the rhino version…
Currently using my phone so can’t convert at the moment.

I guess using matchsrf in the open edge may help, though surface might change a bit.
May need to explode first then join to get all edges connected.

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I solved it myself. Thank you for your help.
Concrete.3dm (1.1 MB)

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