How to make slots with grasshopper in surfaces

Hi All,
Hoping you may be able to help
I am learning to design boats in Rhino, and have just about finished the design.
The only part left is to slot the deck framing, so it slots together.

I have tried and failed using grasshopper, i have tried the plugin “Waffle” from the Food for Rhino website, i found another called Hornero on a seperate site, but am really struggling. Any help you could offer would be much appreciated. I am new to learning grasshopper, so maybe one or both of the above plugins can do this, but i cant seem to make it work.

I have attached snips of the screen showing the deck framing i want to make slots in, so you know what i am trying to acheive.

Thanks in advance
Deck and boat


Did you check this



No i hadn’t seen that, thanks, I will give it a try,