How to make nodes have the same displacement in one direction?

Here, I want to analysis a model under “point” force and “Temperature” force. The model is showed in the following.

The elements with Id of “C” and “S” is tension/compression bar, and a “point” force is added at node 4 and “Temperature” force for elements “C” and “S”. I want to make the displacement of node 3,4 and 5 in z-direction the same. So I make the E(elasticity modulus) of elements with id “R” large. but the result is wrong and large.
So, what method can I use to solve the problem.
1.4平行杆件与刚性梁连接的热应力问题.gh (72.9 KB)

Hello @3057905022,
from your definition it is not clear in which respect the result is wrong.
Please reduce the complexity of the definition and apply the divide and conquer principle to track down the problem.
– Clemens