How to make new batteries for grasshopper?

Is there any tutorials in our forum?

What do you exactly want t make?
If custom code, then you can use the scripting components. If you would like to make a GH add-on, then you can check the details at Help menu, then "Download SDK help.

Also, check the GH forum and the developer discussions for further help.

Thank u for ur answer,I want to make a GH add-on.

Then you should download the SDK documentation via the Grasshopper Help menu, and install the visual studio project template wizards. You don’t technically need the wizard, it just makes life a whole lot easier.

Hi,David.So could u please send me the download link,I just can’t find any link that can work.

This is the location of the documentation file:

Thank u.

Thank u for ur help,but still have a few more questions:Now I have downloaded the SDK,the Visual Studio 2013,and the visual studio project template wizards.So can I make GH Add-On by python in the Visual Studio 2013?

You don’t. Visual Studio can be used to make components using Visual Basic, C# (and probably C++/CLI and F#).

If you want to write python you just use the available script components and put your python code in there.

I want to make GH Add-on but I don’t know where to start,is there any tutorial on website?

You can only make GH add-ons (or plug-ins) using a language that compiles .NET style assemblies. This almost always means either C# or VisualBasic.NET

To make an add-on using either of these languages, you must:

  • Get an IDE (Visual Studio or Visual Studio Express are very common)
  • Install the project wizards for GHA projects.
  • Start writing code.

The wizards will create a skeleton project with some example code, but the Grasshopper SDK documentation contains a lot of information. All links above.

Thank u for ur very patient and detailed answer.I read ur SDK and I think it’s very nice.But I was blocked in the chapter of Examples-Visual Basic.Ne-Simple Component: In this part u introduced the general process of making a new battery.I can follow the all steps except the last one:How do u save ur project in the format of .gha?

This is done via post-build events in Visual Studio. You can set it up manually in Visual Studio, but the Express version does not expose the interface for doing this (though it has the feature). The wizards should set this up correctly for each new GHA project you create.

If your current project is not renaming DLL to GHA and you’re using Visual Studio Express, you must either:

  • Modify the csproj or vbproj xml files yourself to add the necessary events.
  • Create a new project using the wizard and then copy-paste your code into the new project.

I am reading the Project Setup of ur SDK.
The thing is:I use Visual Studio 2013 ultimate,and I have installed the wizards.So do I still have to choose the “class” under the title of Visual Basic:
Or directly choose the GH Add-On: