How to make less surfaces in a loft?

I have a loft surface based on a set of curves, but I don’t really need that highlighted surface: it is a bench, and it would be a waste of material to create a row of short rails with unnesessary connections (also bad for durability). I need to get rid of one surface (4 instead of 5) keeping sihlouette as close to original as possible and keep it streamlined. Any suggestions?

I’m assuming the loft is taking the pink polylines as input?if this is the case you must explicitly control the location of each vertex on each polyline. Make sure they are all degree 1 curves, and that they all have the same number of vertices. Several polylines will have colinear vertices

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Yes, the input is pink polylines. I guess that loft algorithm is making curve lines from aligned vertices due to the next points that come off axis (if there weren’t any, it would built a straignt line), so my question is more about geometric solution. Can other loft types from loft options help in this case?