How to make grid squares a certain area?

I want to make various grids with the area of the “blocks” in the grid to be 1200 sqm.


If I start like this I can use the length of the sides to construct the grids but I want each square of the grid to be a specific area and I do not care what the length of each side is.

Well, if the grid is square, the length of the sides will be the square root of the desired area…

Right, thats what I have been doing but I am also trying to do the same with triangular and hexagonal grids. I have been doing the math but if there is a way to just enter the desired area I would rather do that.

Well, I guess you could generate the grid with some arbitrary length value (like 1), get the area of a single cell, then scale the whole grid up according to the ratio of the desired area/current area…



Brilliant! Thank you so much! Makes my life so much easier!

If interested Pufferfish has Scale to Area, Scale to Volume, and Scale to length components.

Can do non uniform also


Wow this is amazing. I wish I found this earlier haha! thanks michael!

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