How to make good smoothing?

Zebra of your geometry - it is bad :expressionless:

please read what i wrote before you test zebras on a result which is not meant to be a proposal at all but a preliminary shape to extract curves for further development from. or do i have to write in russian for you :smiley: if you need it stiffer you can increase it to 20 if it helps but dont use that surface as a end result thats what the message was about.

But how to use the taken curves? How to create a beautiful surface?

I will be glad! :smiley:

there are many options i guess you would have to try for yourself a few approaches. most important is to extract some curves clean them up and to get them attached to the surrounding surfaces. then use any means like edge srf or whatever to get the surfaces as suggested. you would have to use match surface to get them properly aligned anyway. in best case you can use sweep 2 or network surface to get surfaces witch are partially matched already. once you have acceptable curves set up the rest should not be too difficult anymore. you can also change the layout as suggested, i only tried to avoid singularity surfaces and offered a layout with 4 sides surfaces. i am sure there are other ideas which could work.

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It is clear, but however I tried to play with curves, created on them surfaces - nothing good still was impossible to me…

Somebody can lay out a qualitative surface (at whom something has turned out).


Here I experimented…
Set of manipulations, the tool was often used Sweep2. And there is in general some useful information on this subject?

Your own last example shows much simpler boundary conditions, compared to the one you posted originally.

It would have helped if you had posted more of your original model so we could have seen, why the curves and surfaces were so odd to begin with. Like others have pointed out, it’s all about beginning with a good patch layout concept before starting to model.

Hi, I poorly understand - as it is possible to use Patch for receiving some curves for further modeling :roll_eyes:

the curves you get from the patch you work further till they are good enough. anyway look here in the XNurbs Topic, he took your model and tried it out in case you did not follow that one. i am not very happy with the result but i am sure you can adjust it still with constraints.

It is clear, but me there was no wish to use any external plug-ins.
All this is very difficult, there is some video on the Internet where it visually is considered? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Process of creation of similar difficult surfaces…

its sure not easy and will take quite some time, i tried a few times but did not succeed yet and i am sitting several hours on it already. i really have to cease it now i cant waist any more hours on it. you geometry is not smooth to provide a good starting point. anything which this circumstances will be a lot of trying out. and manual smoothing around.

i had a good start with 2 network surfaces with a singularity ending with multiple matching and an average matching and merging the 2 surfaces with deleting some knots and applying smooth locally, but i cant split the surfaces anymore it appears deleting knots produces a hole of some sort that the algorithms cant grab it anymore. cant even cut it with its own isocurve… also does not intersect… with its on isocurve so somthing got fishy and i would need some more matching. its not easy and this is as far as i can help you sorry.

this time i will not give you my tryings because you will use zebra again and complain how bad it is :wink:

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After a while I have achieved such result: :slightly_smiling_face:
1.3dm (1.2 MB)

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I rebuilt your curves and surfaces and this way one gets a near G2 result fairly quickly. But as others have said, the original geometry is fairly messy to begin with. Don’t have more time for this, so good luck!

Messy curves and surfaces.3dm (1.0 MB)

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This is how I would handle this.


Try that with the OP’s file ; )

What does the problem of my geometry consist in?

I somehow haven’t thought… Looks it seems well :grinning:

Surfaces don’t join, zebra has defects

I have made new geometry (initial too difficult), I have smoothed an acute angle in the center, I cut off a little at surfaces of Blend and Sweep2 + some of the directing curves has used. The result is quite pleasant: :grinning:
1.3dm (1.8 MB)

A class above. Pat yourself on the back. Lesson learned. :clap:

Just an idea :
The small side surfaces being degree 1 in one direction, you could rebuild them with less points, let say U=4 deg 3 and V=2 deg 1
Same for the top surface U=4 deg 3 and V=4 deg 3
Then extend the surfaces too get an angle, Trim, Join, and try to _Blendedges, to get a smooth corner

2.3dm (554.3 KB)

It’s just a test, so the shape is not exactly the same as yours

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