How to make .ghlink recognized only in Rhino 6

I’m writing a plugin for Grasshopper, but I’m having trouble updating to Rhino 6.

My plugin (.gha) has special circumstances and can not be placed in “% appdata% \ Grasshopper \ Libraries”.
Therefore, for example, place gha or dll in a folder like “C: \ GhPlugin \ Libraries”, put “.ghlink” file in “% appdata% \ Grasshopper \ Libraries”, and specify the folder of C drive. It worked (in Rhino 5 it works correctly this way).

However, with the update to Rhino 6 and the new plug-in build, gha files now generate errors when read by Rhino 5.
According to the official announcement, gha files created in a new build will only be read from Rhino6 when placed in “% appdata% \ Grasshopper \ 6 \ Libraries”. It is not recognized from Rhino5. (This is fantastic)

The problem here is that putting ghlink in “% appdata% \ Grasshopper \ 6 \ Libraries” is not recognized by Rhino6.
(Ghlink files seem to work only with% appdata% \ Grasshopper \ Libraries in any Rhino version!)

How can I create ghlink files that are only recognized by Rhino 6? (Or place to put)