How to make an ear post for an earring

I am designing an earring and I measured an ear post at 0.8mm diameter and some 15 or 16 millimeters long. Now I am not sure the dimensions of the part that gets thinner where the earring backing snaps onto, so if any jewelry designs have a formula for how to design that part could you let me know? Thank you.

Is this a standard pierced earring post?

All my best … Danny

You would probably have to draw a sketch, because likely, most of the people here won’t know what an earring post looks like : )

You will probably want to draw a profile using curves (lines, arcs, and curves) and then use revolve on it to make it cylindrical.

For $20, you can buy a digital caliper at Harbor Freight, so you can measure an existing one. They are good for about .001-.002" or about .02-.04 millimeter. Make sure you reset it to zero before measuring, and take the batteries out when you are not using it for more than a day.

@lopacki Yes this could be a standard earring posts.

@Brenda I have a digital caliper and I have measured the post diameter to be 0.8mm at the thicker part and 0.7mm at the thinner part. I am not sure if there are any specific radii that need to be used or how long the thinner area needs to be. The length of the gap and radii are too hard to see, I just need to make sure they will work for an earring backing. I thought there might be a method that people use or an equation.

If it’s too small to see, you can always clip one off, and put one in a flatbed scanner.
Using the 3-tangent circle _Circle , can get pretty close to knowing the radii.

I usually find the length too long on posts.