How to make a uniform mesh for kangaroo for an irregular surface

How do I make a unifom mesh for an irregular shaped surface, either on grasshopper or rhino, I want to further use that mesh for karambaGH and Kangaroo simulations. can somebody help me with this please.

There are lot of discussion on this subject. For triangles The most simple seems to use remesh from Kangaroo. Mesh Machine error
There is also the excellent MeshMachineStatic.
For quads you need rhino 7 WIP.

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what do you mean by uniform ?

all quads as in an untrimmed surface? Or are you talking about edges/vertices and their spacing/flow?

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Thank you so much @laurent_delrieu , the mesh machine worked like a wonder.

thanks for the response @René_Corella , I wanted to make a mesh with uniform division.
thanks to @laurent_delrieu I managed to do it using remesh component.