How to make a tapered strip of diamond on a polysurface?

Good night to everyone,
I would like to make a tapered strip of diamonds on a poly surface ( I attach a rhino file). I tried
set a strip of tapered diamond.3dm (3.3 MB)
"run along a curve and run along a surface, but useless. Does anyone have an idea how to make it? Thank you, Mirco

dear @ocrim66
screenshot of your file
what are you trying to get ?

for the base surface you might need a
or you have to
the target surface

what exactly is the result you need ? which sizes should be kept, which should be adapted ?

Dear Tom,
here we are, herewith the rhino design.
I would like to set diamond on a polysurphace strip. I have used the command:
“tranform- series - along a curve”
As a result the bezel sits on the curve but do not adapt properly. I mean I would like the 13 bezels to fit properly the polisurface below. But I can not , so I have to adapt (enlarge and shrink them according the below polisurface channel. thank you
set strip 27.3dm (4.8 MB)

Dear @ocrim66
i suggest that you not deform the entire geometry, but handle the elements or their negativ counter-parts individually.
I mean you should model some U-Shaped volumes, arrange, flow, whatever them along, than boolean difference and trim …
with this you can you “rigid” option for some elements (that should stay in size but just arrange / align along the target surface - and “non-rigid” for others.
does this help ?

Thank you Tom, I try and let you know. One question apart from Rhino. I heard a lot about Grasshopper software. Do you think it could be of help to learn it? Is it better in the jewelry field, like in this case? Thank you.

Grasshopper can be helpful because it allows you to explore different solutions. You can sort of parametrize a design or at least certain workflows.

thank you Martin,
Since I have no knowledge of it, I believe I need to attend a course. Do you know any on line course of grasshopper? Thank you,

Hey Mirco, I’d suggest reading the Modelab Primer:

About | The Grasshopper Primer Third Edition (

And YouTube has tons of tutorials…

thank you very much Martin

When you figure out Grasshopper, check out the Peacock plugin for Grasshopper. I use it and other tools daily for my jewelry design.