How to make a section view in GH in order to apply rebars?

Hello hi,
I’m fairly new to GH and Rhino.Inside (Revit in this case) and I find myself having a really hard time to find the right kind of discourses that actually is helpful, so consider this as some sort of apology in advance if this inquiry already has been brought up in another topic.

Background/geometry info:
I have created a concrete foundation in GH that later is going to contain a set-up with rebars, and to do so I first need to make a section view of said foundation.
The foundation itself is a boundary curve made out of Revit’s structural floor which (in Revit) have rebar constraints. For this I made an offset of the boundary curve that mimics this kind of adjustment, although I believe there is a much more efficient way of doing this, i.e. make these constraints with Revit components in GH somehow (I assume this is going to be a latter problem…).
I have already tried and somewhat succeeded to apply rebars to the host in GH, but the problem is that the rebar (C-shape) is laying flat against the foundation and it doesn’t allow me to change it to another plane or rotate it at all, which is why I need to establish the constraints as well as the section view first in order to apply the rebars correct.

Is there anyone else with the same kind of problem that also might have cracked the code?
Please halp and thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

A simple workflow in revit can become quite complex when trying to do it via the API. Try breaking it down step by step and proceed down the list trying to replicate it in RiR with the tools available, offhand this looks to require a lot of particular custom api scripts (python/C#)

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you may find this useful

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