How to make a school work

Hello guys, sorry for that stupid question, but maybe someone know how to do that thing?

Its my first time in this program and I miss the class yesterday, so cant understand how to do that stuff. I can make just a sphere on the left side, but that left thing seems like sth impossible for me :cry:

Greetings. Well, let’s start with the sphere. You are literally one step away from the solution.

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Following @saw-3000’s suggestions, you can then Taper and/or CageEdit the divided sphere to get something closer to Starck’s citrus juicer.

You might need to adjust the top and bottom polar points, after each of step.

It’s probably easiest to search the web for a reference image and model on top of that. You can import images as Pictures into the relevant view (top, side, etc.).


Wow!!! Thank you!!! Thats really like a magic for me :flushed: :flushed: :flushed:

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all of the students seem to neglect the learn resources we have available for free. You can literally get weeks and weeks ahead of your classmates and crush your class assignments if you just give the level 1 and level 2 manuals a go-

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