How to make a polysurface valid?

so I’ve got this model that i am trying to modify in various ways, like trying to extrude surfaces from it,
but they come out not able to be capped, when i run extrude surface, the whole model is extruded,
i have tried to explode it but that did not work. i tried to boolean difference the model into a cube in an attempt to make a negative cutter to replicate the shape, however, the boolean difference failed.

can anybody tell me how to make an exact copy of this model that i am able to work with?

Hi Foot - use SaveAs to make a copy, or, within the current file, Copy > InPlace to duplicate selected objects. Or you can, in the layer panel, select layers and copy them and the contents to new layers… depends what you want to do. None of that addresses the title of your post - How to make a polysurface valid… sorry, but without an model and some idea of what you’d like to do, that’s too broad a question…


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thanks, its fine


I would take a look at these two articles if you haven’t already. I found them useful.