How to make a ghpython component to open a form with double click on the component

Hi guys,

I am looking for a way to open an eto form with double click on a ghpython compiled component.
Any ideas are appreciated.



You will need to create a custom component attribute to override the onmouseclick behaviour and on the clickevent you invoke a new eto form by translating the example into IronPython

The inside of Main() function is what is going to be executed within the onclick method.

But seriously, Eto is a :poop: framework, same as IronPython. If you like it weird, then move on. But you may also chose C# and WPF or at least use C# and Eto if you really need to support crossplatform.

Paraphrasing @TomTom, I would advise against writing a full-blown Eto form in IronPython in Grasshopper. There are simply no great tools to help with that. However, it is still possible. I think it would be wiser to choose a simpler setup, such a C# with Eto, as was eloquently stated.

Some simple Eto forms usage, such a message boxes or very simple controls, will also be a sustainable strategy with IronPython. However, I would still suggest never to show message boxes in Grasshopper.

I do not agree at all with the personal and objectionable opinion regarding the single frameworks, as they are both serving their stated purposes in a fantastic way.



Giulio Piacentino
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In particular, André Agi’s at Liljewall Arkitekter in Sweden uses Eto forms to show an HTML window that controls Grasshopper and shows GH results. More info in their presentation video.