How to make a foldable box from a schematic?

I want to create a set of 3D mockups of a few packages, schematics provided by boxing company.

I can obviously connect all of the outer lines and then extrude the whole shape by some small thickness…

But I want to be able to fold everything to show it closed, partially opened, fully opened (etc). The question is what’s the best setup to make it easy to make folds without it being destructive or costly in terms of geometry?

Hello- for schematics, I think I’d make each panel as its own object and Rotate and/or Rotate3d the panels as you like them.


Right but it’d look pretty terrible in the render (since it’d obviously just be a bunch of non-connected extruded shapes, no rounded corners connecting them, etc)…

Is there no procedural way to create a set of fold/bends with constraints?

I see so your bit is not schematic, you want a proper, more or less realistic rendering? it might be good in SubD, actually then you can make the panels denser near the folds and just fold it up.