How to make a equal-size facet structure on a freeform surface


Here is my question, i try to make a concave or convex facet structure on a freeform surface. But after i finish the equal-size projection on the freeform, i have no ideal how to translate these closed-curves into several concave or convex facet. I already have a non-equal-size version file for freeform, but it seems hard to make a equal-size structure combine with an old version way.

Hopefully, someone can give me a hand to solve this, really thanks!!

below is the equal size segmentation
image equal size (95.0 KB) equal size test.3dm (11.1 MB)

below is the none equal size segmentation
image none equal (52.4 KB)

If by equal size you mean equal length of the edges of the quad you can use Kanagaroo
See this post

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