How to make a closed brick type mesh from point cloud?

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Imagine four groups of points (see one of them below) on top of each other:
. . . . .
. . . . .
. . . . .
. . . . .
The distances are not necessarily equal. I need the final mesh to look like the Rubik’s cube (i.e. a group of cube-like zones side by side).
I thought to first make a quadratic mesh out of each layer and then connect each two layers together. Please see the attached image.
The problem is that after generating the quadratic mesh, I don’t know how to connect them together so that the result is a closed mesh and looks like what I need.

Thank you so much

Hello- can you please post the file you have so far?


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Thank you Pascal
I didn’t know how to attach files here so I used an extra link … hope it’s OK

It’s a 3dm file (eventually I need it to be stl but figured 3dm is better for now)

This is also a more complete version with more points
This is my next problem. At the middle of the cloud there are layers with less number of points … so it’s really tricky to make a mesh out of it.
This was my second question is the previous thread …
Thank you again

Pscal by any chance, did you have any success? or do you think it’s impossible?

Hello- I did take a look- the meshes are not really in separate ‘sheets’ it looks like- there is one mesh that has three ‘layers’ as well as many duplicate faces - do you see that? Should these be sorted out before proceeding? If all meshes can be ordered in Z and have matching points it should be possible, or at least worth a try, to make a mesh from them though of course it will be non-manifold.