How to make a clamp - modelling tips

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to model something like this

  1. I started creating a circle, the inner edge

  2. Offset it, the outer edge

  3. Now, I need to make the pivot; that’s where I stopped
    The segment and the bigger circle intersect with each curve but when I try to split the inner and the outer circle it says split failed objects may not be within tolerance of one another

How can I do that? Thanks in advance,

Hello - the closed curves cannot be split at a single location - you’ll need to split the circles on the opposite side (or where ever makes sense) at the same time - does that make sense with what you’re doing?


Hello Pascal; thanks for answering.
Actually, I can’t get why it needs to be splitted twice but…it definetely works!
Now, I’d like to do a couple of things more:

  1. I’d like to create an hole from the two curves projected on the surface but I can’t figure out how I could do. Tried a lot, but I failed. Any ideas? (image below)

Hello - please post the model, or send to if it is confidential, and I’ll take a look.