How to make a button for enable, disable a element in GH?


I was looking for an UI interface system and I saw Human UI as a perfect one to make a input window for a user. but i want to make a button where there can be chosen to enable or disable a component/element in GH. Is there anyway to do this or an examlple somewhere?

Thanks in advance!


Whatever you do, it cannot be a part of the solution. In other words, it cannot be just part of the Grasshopper solution event chain. However, you are allowed to do that from another form, for example an eto form.

If it’s perfect, why not use that one? Instead of disabling, you could just stream null data from somewhere else

See this:

This can be controlled from standard Grasshopper, for example from the remote panel.



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

Hi Giulio,

The stream filter is the solution! Thanks, should think of it by myself, buti was thinking the opposite way. Less components and an UI that is connected to components of Grasshopper. But with the Human UI its an between thing and then directly connected to the components.

Thanks for the info and fast reply!


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