How to loop Galapagos and file save


I am working with formfinding of a truss using KARAMBA 3D and Galapagos. I am looking for optimal geometries of the structure. One of the stages involves performing tests for a dozen points where I apply different forces. In total, I need several thousand measurements to work with such data. One measurement is about 5-6 minutes. I wanted to automate the work and this is where the problem arises. My scheme for going from one survey to another is:

-Copy the results from the “result panel” into an external Excel column (finally want to gather all data in one sheet column by column)

-Reset the value of 4 “slider number” to “2.5” and 4 more to “1”

-Increase the “case number” from the list “load cases” (currently I implement this by changing the value of “Boolean toggle”- simple incrementation)

-Starting the work of galapagos

-Stop work after 6min

I repeat the process e.g. 125 times.

Is it possible to automate this whole loop or at least its elements in any way?

I tried using MetaHopper and anemone but they do not work with Galapagos.

Thank you in advance for your answers!

Check this, maybe it can help, since it can run headless.

It is on my to-do test it out.