How to loft multiple curves to one curve in grasshopper?

How can I loft 3 curves to one curve in an order?
I have attached an image where I want curve-4 to be lofted with curve-1,2.3 in intervals.

the first three curves could be at different levels. the only requirement is that curve-2 loft begins where curve-1 loft ended on curve-4


If I appeared typing for about an hour, it is because I was about to upload the file when I was called for dinner. Just came back with my reply still unposted :laughing:
as I see @Joseph_Oster has already answered you, but here is a version with extrusion instead of lofting. (9.3 KB)

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Thanks guys for the post! However, this is not what I am looking for :frowning: I should have explained it better. What I want is to unfold the mid portion and raise it higher. like tearing a paper and raising the mid portion

This is what i want to achieve finally

maybe this (15.7 KB)

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