How to load AIrConics scripts

I am trying to fool around with the AirConics. I can load or run a script from the folder but it can’t find the airfoil coordinates as they are in a sub folder. How do I point the script to that folder. I’m very new to using Python can’t you tell?

It looks like you need to hand edit the Setup file ( to put in the ‘selig path’.

"# Example: SeligPath = "C:/Users/as/Documents/airconicsv021/coord_seligFmt/"
SeligPath = " ""


I think I did that within the Setup file. I also did the same for the ‘airconisv021’ line in the PY. The third variable in that Setup file was already set to 1 for Rhino. Did you try and run any of the scripts? I could get the ones that didn’t need to find any data from the selig folder. I did the fuselage and it created it just fine, but now a file that I had open and was playing around with and then copy pasted a totally unrelated component in. I closed that file but saved it and now when I try and insert it as a block, I get a preview of the fuselage when picking the insertion point. Odd, but once inserted the fuselage is gone and my component is there just fine.

Hmm- it looks like the actual airfoil script is incorrect

The line that says

AirfoilSeligName = 'dae11'

should be

AirfoilSeligName = '\dae11'

because the Selig path is stored without a final “” so it is looking for an path that does not exist.


THanks Pascal,

Hope the next airliner I ride in wasn't designed using this code! I found a hidden fuselage in the file I was trying to insert. I didn't realize that each time I change a value and re run the script it would create a new fuselage. I'll try your edits and see if I can get things working with the airfoil profiles.