How to link the amount of displacement of Karamba to weaverbird tiles?


I am trying to create a shell structure from voussoirs and I want to create 4 different kinds of thicknesses for the voussoirs. The tricky part is that I want to select the 4 groups of voussoirs according to the amount of displacement in the z-direction (karamba analysis) I’ve come pretty far now but I can’t seem to link the voussoirs to the amount of displacement. I was thinking of matching the numbers I created for the dots in the end of the script with the points from the list from the model and then use the erea and closest point components to then match the 4 groups of dotpoints to these points.

MeshForVoussoirThicknessGeneration.3dm (250.8 KB) (149.7 KB)

The grasshopper definition explains more clearly what I am trying to reach.