How to Line Up Panels with Floors?

I made these panels with a Lunchbox component and they’re not lining up with the floors due to the twisted surface. I was thinking of making the U divisions repeat every 6 meters along the Z axis, but I can’t find a way to feed it into the component. Is there any way to do this?


Grasshopper File:
How to Line up Panels with (12.2 KB)

I don’t have Lunchbox so can’t see what you’re trying to do (your screen image is no help at all), but can’t help wondering if it’s something like this? (24.5 KB)

Thank you for looking into it. I figured out a way to do it with the 2D Truss component from Lunchbox.



How to Line Up Panels with (29.8 KB)


This image of your geometry is more helpful, though it would be better if you cropped it to remove the unused space. The image of your code looks needlessly complex and redundant.