How to limit a loft from extending past a limit?

I am creating a building for a project, and would like to have different levels with multiple polygon shapes. I am using gene pools for 7 points that control the Radius, Segments, and Rotation of these polygons. These polygons are at different vertical distances, with an schematic of how the elevator shafts look in the middle for that particular floor level. There is a limit area of 60m x 80m (red rectangle in image) that that no part of the building can exceed.

Is there anyway to limit each point individually to prevent it from exceeding the limits? Better yet, is there anyway possible to automatically trim to the limit the sections of the building which exceed the limits? I would like to use the randomize setting of gene pool to provide different options of the building without needing to adjust all the floors individually to prevent them from extending past the limits.

Thank you for your help.

You could try to remap some of the values of your gene pool to their individual limits. First split your gene pool using a List Item node, and then remap each individual value between its minimum and maximum.

However, this means the values you input using your gene pool, are not the same as the actual value used. That would be the only limitation of this method.

I’m now also realizing that this could be a bit problematic with your rotation, since the value for your rotation influences the maximum radius. You could try to add a flat bounding box around your polygon and check that size, which determines the maximum remap value for the radius somehow.

Thank you! I think I am going to using the Remap option and go from there! Maybe reduce the number of points as well and find an average between them. I need to define floors with heights of 3.5 - 5m in height, so I need a solution that allows me to adjust the height, geometry, and rotation for these floors, so this seems like the best idea I think. Thank you!