How to learn GH plug-in development systematically?

I began trying GH plug-in development using C# in Visual Studio due to my school work half a year ago.
But I can’t find a way to learn it systematically.Till now I have learned some tutorials from Youtube、this forums,and have finished a part of my plug-in.
Are there some books or some other resources which can grasp the overall knowledge framework?(except “Rhino - API References”)

Thanks a lot!!!

Hi Almond:
If you have not found these on YouTube already, might I suggest:

  1. ParametricCamp
  2. A Castillo series [GSD-6338: Introduction to Computational Design (Fall 2019)]
  3. Good examples from Junichiro Horikawa(
    Because the Rhino API is best understood in a C# context, I suggest that a strong understanding of C# is essential. If you are committed to Python, there is much less available instruction.
    I found that working out an algorithm in Grasshopper before attempting to code is instructive. Grasshopper with yield the results you can expect from your code. Getting the code to compile is 10% of the task, producing the correct output is the other 90%.

That helped me a lot. Really appreciate it.