How to know on which brep a point is projected?

How to know on which brep a point is projected?
Like for example on brep 1 or brep 2. It is a for a pattern, but for the pattern I need to know on which brep a point is projected.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for your response.

20181111 problem on which surface (32.8 KB)

Your data includes a lot of null points and a lot of null surfaces, so I’m kind of guessing at what you want. I cleaned up the data somewhat. Instead of using Pull, you can use Surface Closest Point and then sort by distance.

Which (35.0 KB)

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I am trying to read on which brep the points are located. It now counts 7 points on brep 2 while it should be more.
I cannot figure it out, there should be more distances of 0.

Srf CP gives me the same-like result as Pull.

Do you might know how to scale ‘evenly?’

Then I think I can solve it.

Current offset does not distribute the distance evenly from on brep 1. That is my biggest problem.

20181111 problem on which surface (24.2 KB)

I don’t know how you’re going about counting the points but this gives results maybe more to your liking.

Which (34.8 KB)

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If you want the points for each surface:

Which (35.0 KB)

I tried also some ways to scale the brep, and I think this will help me in my script. But, this ‘best scale’ does not distribute the scaling evenly. Do you know a component that does it better?

I already tried some, but was not able to find a good one which uses the normal of the surfaces offsetting the surfaces ‘outside.’

I’m not clear on what effect you’re trying to achieve. Are you looking for a number of points proportional to the area of the brep?

Yes, but now I think it is easier to achieve that if the scale-offset is offset more proportionally; proportionally in a way wherein the surfaces of brep 1 are offset on a even distance for the surfaces from brep 1 making brep 2 ‘the scale-offset version.’

By that I can create a clearer distance.