How to join points in spiral (13.0 KB)

Hello everyone!
I would be really grateful if you could help me with this definition, I am trying to join the points in a breathed way (spiral) in a polyline that closes in some way if you have any idea of how to do it.
the points are on different branches, six, maybe the question is how to make a progressive shift list so that then im able to join them.
thank you very much.
attached is the grasshopper and an image.

  1. I think it’s huge mistake to set Wire Display to Hidden for any, let alone all (!?) wires in such a small GH model. Makes it impossible to see what’s going on without painstakingly reverting them all to ‘Default’ (visible).

  2. There is no need for two sets of duplicate components doing the very same thing when you can Weave the two lists of curves together and apply the same logic to all of them. The blue output below shows that.

  3. The white group below copies the points (using Move) far enough away to see the spiral connection, which is simply connecting all the same points in a flattened list with the PLine ‘C’ (Closed) input reverted to the default “False”. (16.5 KB)

If that’s not what you expected, please show us what you mean by “spiral”?

Thank you Joseph!