How to join inside of bowl to outside of bowl

Hi everyone,

I should be able to figure this out, but I cannot.

I have one surface for the interior of a bowl, and another surface for the exterior of the bowl. The distance between the two surfaces is 0.5 mm.

I want to join these two surfaces into one solid, which will be 0.5 mm thick.

Could someone please tell me the command to do this.

Thank you.


make a Loft between the surface edges. and then join

You need to make a surface between the edge of the outer bowl surface and the inner one. Then you will be able to join the three. How you make that surface the best way is not really possible to explain without you providing the file…

OK. Really quickly, then, how do I upload the file, please?

Drag and drop the file into the message window, or punch the upload button…


OK. Thank you. Here it is.

P-65.3dm (373.6 KB)

Call PlanarSrf and window select the upper (open) edges of the two bowl surfaces. Then select all three surfaces and join. Done.

Hi Helvetosaur,

OK. I did PlanarSrf and did everything else you told me to do. Thank you.

But the problem is that I then have a hollow space between the outer and the inner surfaces. I would like it to be solid in between.


here is a video showing both methods, using Loft and PlanarSrf as @Helvetosaur says.

you should take a look at the Training manuals level 1 and 2 to learn how to model these things in Rhino. there are a lot of tutorials on the web but those books have a well made order from basic to complex.

Thank you both, Diego Krause and Helvetosaur. I have studied the training manuals, but there is so much to learn that for sure I miss things.

Both of you have helped me a great deal, and I appreciate it.


@Stanley - note the most direct and clean way to build the object in your example is to make a profile or section curve and Revolve it.

Works with History on, so you can adjust the curve after the fact and your shape will update.



Hi Pascal,

Thank you for following up.

I knew about the revolve command. The problem was that I had already created both surfaces and I needed to join them. Then Helvetosaur and Diego kindly explained to me that I should use either Loft or PlanarSrf to do that.

So I think that I am all set now. But I need to study in detail both of those commands.

Thanks again. The contribution that you and other experts make is tremendously helpful, and I appreciate it.