How to join edges visual gaps of surfaces

i m new to this forum and also learning grasshopper and i seriously need help in this… how do i join surfaces in grasshopper…firstly i created a quad ball from rhino then from grasshopper selected the surfaces but seems like there are gaps between the edges and when i apply hexgrid they appear in different surface i want them to appear smooth in all surfaces… please help

honeycomb on (4.0 KB)

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Specifically point 3

thank you for the correction. i have attached gh file on my post honeycomb on (4.0 KB)

Each Rhino NURBS surface has an associated “render” mesh which is used to display the surface. If this mesh is too coarse then there may appear to be faceted gaps along the edges even though the edges a smooth and match other edges. The solution is to increase the resolution of the render mesh. One easy way is to go to Options > Mesh > Custom > Detailed controls and set the “Minimum initial grid quads” to a value such as 5000 or 10000.

For more information see and

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thank you…i have done the mesh setting but actually i want that to happen in grasshopper the hex grid is not appearing continuous in grasshopper

after creating the quad ball in rhino>selected surface from grasshopper but there are four surface and hex grid is appearing different in all the surface. i need only quad ball sphere since other type sphere when apply grid…the grid get concentrated from a point

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The thread is about visual gaps due to quality of the mesh and not about ‘physical’ gaps between the surfaces.

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ok visual gaps it is …how do i improve that? i improved that in rhino but grasshopper i still creating grids on different surface of the quadball and problem is not solved. grasshopper should identify the quadball as one object and create grids uniformly but instead it changes after edges which i think is a gap, as you can see in screenshot 2 or gh file

Try changing this:

yes i did that too… what i meant is the hexagrid which i want it on quadball sphere is not appearing uniformly since there are four surfaces making the quadball sphere the grid is appearing different in all four

It won’t ever work the way you intend with seam matching on those quad ball nurbs patches. If you want a uniform sphere of hex you are better off using a mesh and Ngons.

i can just create a sphere from grasshopper and apply hexgrid but im making a evolved sphere and then linking them to grasshopper later

as u see any kind of grid is the same

Can you upload an example model, I tried with sphere but I don’t get any gaps.

It is also possible that it’s a video driver issue, or video adapter issue.




okay so let me tell u straight what i want since im beginner in grasshopper i know only basics so im trying to make a form in rhino and lastly apply grid from grasshopper thats it. something like

yes even me i am able to do that but once i make changes to the form that is converting rhino surface to tspline and making changes to form desired shape and again convert it back to rhino surface. grasshopper not able to make the form as one surface and apply grid uniformly