How to join curves for CNC toolpathing?


Hello to all:

I am developing a process for CNC routing using a Kuka robot arm. I’m using Rhino 5 + Grasshopper + Kuka PRC. I hope to use the NC import program to bring in toolpaths (from another CAM program that I already have) to Rhino so I can get them into the Grasshopper/PRC.

My question for Rhino users is:how do you join curves together? The NC Import program places curved and straight-line segments on differing layers (I’m pretty sure it does…I don’t physically have that program yet but I’ve looked at screenshots online), so I need to join all the entities into one, continuous toolpath for use in Grasshopper/PRC.

How to do the joining…unless someone thinks I’m completely off my rocker and has a better solution? Thanks in advance!


oOoPs…figured it out! Osnaps help when they’re turned ON! Duh…