How to join curves by layer, post Makde-2D or anytime

I frequently use make 2nd during the creation of 2D drawings. The ability to export with the original layer name is useful, and I am wondering if there is a command to join the resulting curves by layer. If I select all curves and then attempt to join, I end up with curves from various layers connecting, making it difficult to control the drawing moving forward.

Is there a solution in Rhino? Is there a solution in Grasshopper?

Thank you much

Hi Weston - Try: deselect everything, right click on a layer in the layer panel and choose ‘Select objects’. Then hit Join. Also, SelLayer.


Thank you for the reply. Sorry, I should have mentioned what I have already tried - I’m familiar with selecting geometry by layer, however, in the case that there are many layers involved, the process of joining layer-by-layer takes quite awhile (especially if the project is iterative). So, I’m trying to find some way to automate the joining of curves by layer.

Hi Weston - a script should help - see how this works for you - use RunPythonScript to run it, or make an alias with

! _-RunPythonScript "Full path to script file in double quotes"

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Any luck?