How to join and fillet these two surfaces?


(Alex) #1

I want to make a smooth transition between these two surfaces. the join command fails. What to do?
1.3dm (119.6 KB)

(Alex) #3

Where can I exactly find these settings?

(Alex) #5

I joined them but after surface fillet command, I got a seamy surface as you see in this file.
How to fix it?
1.3dm (144.6 KB)

(Alexander Petrov) #7

1.3dm (216.7 KB)

To make a manual blend it is not always nessesary to have a joined surfaces! I’ve make a simple pipe around one of the edges, then I did split with the pipe, and then made a blend surface. By the way your surfaces are too heavy, especially the planar one, wich is not nessesary. You can rebuild it eventually.