How to join 2 polysurfaces into one polysurface

2 polysurfaces didn’t touch each other, how to join?
The first attachment is I want to join.
The second attachment was already join.
I want to know how to do.Join polysurface.3dm (224.4 KB)Already join.3dm (125.4 KB)

It is possible to do that (obviously, since it was done in that second file) - the question is why you would want to do that!

It is possible that subsequent operations on this type of geometry will produce strange results in Rhino or will behave badly in downstream applications.

A fabricated steel section called double C Channel, it is fabricated by 2 C channel with some intermediate connectors.
However, some designers are lazy to draw the intermediate connectors.
I have a task to count the number of Double C channel in a building model, I need to join 2 C channel as a member first.

At that point I would assume that the length of the channels are identical at all locations or else you would have to count each length on its own. If so, you could make a block of the channel and place copies of the block. The block manager will then tell you how many instances of that block are in the file.

Hi youngken - you can do this with NonManifoldMerge.


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