How to Isotrim Hexogonal/polygonal Tesselation into Subsurfaces

I’m having trouble ‘isotrimming’ the tessellated curves into subdivided hexogonal/polygonal surfaces. Is this the right direction to take? I’m starting with a surface, creating hexagonal cells from the surface, but stuck on how to create subdivided surfaces by referencing those hexagonal cells.

It would be great if I could get it so that the cells don’t have to be limited to ‘hexagons’, but rather polygons. That way, I can have more flexability in the tesselation profile of cells (pentagons, octagons, etc.) However, I’m of course stumped on this until I figure out the logic above.

Many thanks!!! (5.4 KB)

As you can see in the attached demo, If you create a surface out of one of the lunchbox hexagon cells, it’ll be a shrink trimmed surface.

So, if you try to subdivide this using Isotrim, then it would be ended up with whole pieces of underlying untrimmed surface exceed the boundary.

Hence, in this case, my best bet is extracting intersecting regions using Rint(BTW, it only works on planar surface so not for your case…) or using mesh subdivision method like WB’s wbSplitQuads.

You can take the final topology of subdivision with your personal preference. (10.8 KB)


It’s possible to do with surfaces, I believe (if this is desired). Note that the final result surfaces parameter spaces still do go off their physical edge. But using the SrfMorph component we can morph the original boundary surfaces (generated from any planar tessellation, whether complete or not) and map them to the UV of your target surface (as deformed as you want :slight_smile:) This can be computationally heavy with a dense pattern, but it gets the job done. (12.1 KB)

HS_Kim thank you! This is helpful and I will play around with this. I’m not familiar with Rint or WB, but it’s worth researching.

Your responses are greatly appreciated! :+1:

aprocellum Thank you! This is extremely helpful for me and I can follow your logic. It solves the majority of the troubles I had, so that is huge. :+1: