How to internalize/reference a polysurface?


I was wondering how does one internalize a polysurface from Rhino into GH2?
I can internalize curves and surface but what is the component for breps?

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Good question. It seems like GH is missing alot of basic components that should already exist at this point in evolution.

This question was made in the context of GH2 which is very early in its evolution, unlike GH. I’m guessing that as you are not a GH practitioner you are probably unaware that work has started on this “next generation” successor.

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You use the Surface component. It handles polysurfaces and subd as well as good 'ol surfaces.



GH2 evolved from GH, so yes maybe it’s anew threshold you might say is at anew beginning and yet evolved much?

GH3? :face_holding_back_tears:

I’m aware that evolution is inevitable and undeniable in all things, and sometimes can stagnate depending on various potential obstructions or obstacles.

I think that if a GUI was more intuitive and evolved, then a user wouldn’t have to become a ‘practitioner’ just for the sake of knowing some hidden feature of a component like ‘surface component’ to be implied to also be the ‘polysurface component’. But I guess that makes sense. I must be a practitioner now to have stumbled on that superduper trade secret. :smiling_face:

Hardly hidden:


I’ve seen this many times

Users move their mouse so fast and hectic and they never even see these message / info… same with hovering inputs on componets…

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nice :smiley: :sweat_smile: Duly noted. :grin: :beers:

It’s fair to say I’m still a super newb in GH123 :face_holding_back_tears:

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