How to Internalize imported geometry and keep attributes?

Using ShapeDiver’s ‘ImportGeometry’ node, is there a way to internalize the outputted object and keeping the attributes? I tried internalizing curves from a dxf as Data, Txt or Crv type, but none work, loosing the original attributes.

Reason is mainly optimization as importing the geometry using ShapeDiver’s ‘ImportGeo’ takes about 500ms, and I want to remove that overload.

and yes … I could internalise the data further downstream, or have seperate logic to extract the text fragment, but that’s kinda messy and against my designer ocd

See attachment for gh (15.9 KB)

that’s interesting, not everything is stored in the text file when internalizing; it’s shortend

My apologies for overlooking this question. Unfortunately, it is not possible to internalize objects with attributes at the moment. This is planned in the future but a significant change that we cannot implement in the very short term. I will get back to you when we make progress on this topic.

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