How to internalize data and clear values of multiple components at the same time

i have multiple components for which i want to internalize data so that they can be saved to be used later or in other files.
(when you select multiple components and then right click to internalise it on does that on 1 component and not on all the selected ones) is there a way to internalize the data of multiple components with a single click.

the other problem that i am facing is that after internalizing the data to the component how do i clear the values of multiple components at the same time .
(i want to clear the values of the all the components without deleting them )

(having lots of internalized values actually increased my file size from 3mb to 20mb and the grasshopper interface is slowing down)

To get help u have to attach files or screenshots to find alternative solutions than u just asked for.

answer to the 1st question ( there is a component in metahopper that can internalize data from multiple components at the same time )

still cant find the answer to the second part