How to instantiate Get Components with right click menu settings applied

Hello. I work at a place where we use hops extensively. And the task of turning a Grasshopper definition into something that is ready for Hops is a significant effort, due to how many inputs/outputs a definition can have. Replacing each one with their proper “Get” component for inputs and “Context” component for outputs along with all the right-click menu settings that must be set for each one can take multiple hours.

In order to fix this issue we have, I have been working on a script that can replace each selected component with its proper “Get” component replacement, and set all the settings correctly, but I have hit a roadblock in programmatically accessing certain items in the right-click menu of the “Get” components.

In particular, the settings circled in red here. I can access the other items such as “Preview” and “Enabled” and do a .PerformClick() on them and that works as expected, but the circles ones here do not behave.

I have looked into it and found that those things seem to be inaccessible:

Here is an example that shows what I am trying
Hopsifier example for (7.8 KB)

I have already spent a couple of days trying to figure this out. That is how valuable this tool would be to us! How can I achieve what I want: a way to instantiate Get Components with settings already applied as I wish?

would @stevebaer or @AndyPayne know anything about this? :crossed_fingers: You two seem to be the Hops guys