How to install IsoMatch in Rhino 5?

There is a plug-in called IsoMatch which can be downloaded here:

I downloaded the IsoMatch version written for Rhino 4, and I would like to install it in Rhino 5. At the moment, it is in a zip file sitting in my Download folder.

Unzipped it, opened Rhino 5, and went to File/Properties/Plug ins but Rhino cannot see the IsoMatch .rvb.

How to proceed, exactly?

Thank you for your insights. Michael

Hi Michael- that is a script, and as I recall, the ones from Rayflectear are not set up to load at startup, so you can use LoadScript and RunScript. The macro:

_-Runscript “Path to the script file in double quotes”

is one way. Unzip the rvb file and get the path from where ever you save it.


Thank you Pascal, this worked immediately. Best wishes for the Holiday. Michael