How to initialize a custom ChangeQueue?

I just started working on SampleChangeQueue example and I have managed to create a custom change queue class in a typical example. However, there is something that I don’t really understand about the concept of ChangeQueue class:

  1. Is ChangeQueue supposed to collect changes that happen in the scene(geometry, materials, etc)?
  2. Somehow shouldn’t this class get a notification if a change event takes place by the user like creating a new object?
  3. Should I create a custom event watcher class that inherits from CRhinoEventWatcher and connect it to the changequeue?
    A C/C++ code example of how to get a new user created object in the change queue would be really helpful.

Since I haven’t received any suggestions, I would like to develop a bit my findings on this topic. I have created a new renderer function but I am confused about how to send the changes of the scene to the renderer function.
So far I have used the CRhinoEventWatcher to catch user actions, but I am not sure how to send these changes to the renderer.

If someone could send me some basic steps of how to implement this it will be really useful.

Sorry, I missed this thread completely. I hope my answer to your topic Rhino Sample that combines DisplayMode, ChangeQueue and EventWatcher? helps shed light on this.

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