How to "inflate" a series of numbers at a specific place?

I have a curve that is divided equally.
I want to change the division by “inflating” (separate) the numbers and slowly decreasing as they go further apart.
How can I make it happen?

I tried using gaussian graph mapper but it didn’t worked as pland.


this is the first thing that comes to my mind

thanks a lot for the answer.
But it does not give a specific answer to what I am looking for.
In this way you have suggested all the points along the curve vary and not just those that are close to the area where I want to perform the “inflating”.

If you don’t want others points to move just move the points that are allowed to move.
For example between points n°10 to n°20 you trim the curve or you change the domain in the range component (use also remap component) and apply @inno method there.