How to increase the density of grip points for GripObject?

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When I transform grip points of some GripObject, these surfaces break suddenly
(see the following figure)?   I doubt the density of grip points are ....
how to increase the density of grip points?

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Update…I find that these grip points of surface are very sparse … see the
following figure…

Try using the Rebuild command. Is this what you want?

Thanks dale…But I try to the following code, grip points are still not change?

objRef_1(0).Object().GripsOn = True
Dim u_degree, v_degree, u_count, v_count As Integer
Dim brep_test As Rhino.Geometry.Brep
Dim nurbs_test As Rhino.Geometry.NurbsSurface
brep_test = objRef_1(0).Object.Geometry
For i = 0 To brep_test.Faces.Count - 1
nurbs_test = brep_test.Faces(i).ToNurbsSurface()
u_degree = nurbs_test.Degree(0)
v_degree = nurbs_test.Degree(1)
u_count = nurbs_test.Points.CountU
v_count = nurbs_test.Points.CountV

nurbs_test.Rebuild(u_degree, v_degree, u_count * 50, v_count * 50)
Next i
docc.Objects.GripUpdate(objRef_1(0).Object, True)

I find that the brep_test_Face(0) is seem read only…I must set a new nurbssurface
to receive the new rebuild surface…but the new rebuild surface only a nurbs untrim surface…
how to really rebuild the old Face?

nurbs_test1 = nurbs_test.Rebuild(u_degree, v_degree, u_count * 50, v_count * 50)
nurbs_test1 really change…but nurbs_test is not

Can you post your geometry?

In fact, I hope the rhino manipulation procedure could write a plugin program to auto finish,
see the following figure, but how to do?