How to increase the calculation speed of Grasshopper and RIR plugins

For this model, I extracted all the surfaces on the layer based on the Rhino layer to create an extruded body using the RIR plug-in, and then converted the extruded entities on each Rhino layer into independent family files in Revit. During this operation , the calculation time of the RIR plug-in for each Rhino layer requires at least 3 hours.

This is the node flow for my GH and RIR plugins that I use to create extruded entities for surfaces on various layers in a Rhino model file, and then in turn convert the extruded entities on each layer to Revit independent family component.

Test-Rhino.rar (8.1 MB) (35.9 KB)

Is there any good way to improve the computing power of GH and RIR plug-ins?

The layer storing components in this Rhino model consumes at least nearly 40 hours of calculation time?

The calculation of moving 4179 surfaces on this Rhino layer took 3 and a half hours.

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Hi 2987969100,

The workflow you are attempting is a bit unorthodox, but shouldn’t take that long.

There are a few issues with geometry, on the Rhino side as well as the import into Revit aspect.

In Rhino you can run the SelBadObject command to find a couple bad objects.

Running your geometry through an Add DirectShape component will show some of the Revit tolerance issues.

Creating families out of the entire buildings is possible, but it’s intensive and running into geometry errors. Going layer by layer with the Add Direct Shape component will help identify the geometry that doesn’t conform to Revit Tolerances.

Thank you very much for your suggestion. This method of creating Revit components is really not efficient!