How to improve the screen looking?

Pls see the attached, my rhino v5 screen is default looking, kind of dull. I wonder if there is any way to improve its looking? For the comparition, our building architects likes more the sketchup screen looking as you see in the attached as well.


Looks like adding about 12 plate-like rectangles in the backround, with hatches, or materials. Then adding details to the windows, which wouldn’t be that hard. Points, copy, paste…The seventh story slide off the balcony…um, freeform surface.

Maybe get a roof on that left wing of the building…Add windows.

What you have now is a bunch of rectangular prisms with no details.

If there is a function in sketchup to add fake windows, and backround, this sketch aint all that professional. There are plenty of advanced plugins for the architecture industry for rhino. They go into details far, far beyond these pictures above. Advanced rendering specifically for architecture.