How to improve a Rhino Render to photo quality

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Hi, I’ve been using Rhino 5 for Mac for a few months and have got the basics of designing Display cabinets/ Trophy cases which is what we make. I’m at the point where I’ve started to teach myself how to render our products. I’ve got as far as starting to add lights, editing the textures of a material and playing around with a few of the render settings to try and improve my renders however I’m struggling to achieve a high enough quality render. I want to get nearer to photo quality renders. I find that just exporting the image of my drawing as a PDF is better quality than actually taking time to add lights and actually render it. Anyone have any pointers as to how I can improve my drawings?

RC Dance Wall Cabinet 1.pdf (7.1 MB)
I’ve attached 2 images to show you what I mean, the image with the floor/ walls in it the exported PDF, the other image is a render that took just over 10 minutes to render. I’m using the Renderer that comes with Rhino. Thank you!


Or you have to look for a solution outside of Rhino like a stand alone Render App (some are Implemented in Rhino with a Plugin -> but now in the mac Version without the complete RDK (Render development kit) you won’t have soooooo much fun with the Plugins).
But the stand alone Programs are realy good. There are Expensive ones like Maxwell and Keyshot and less expansive ones like Indigo (is not so cheap). But You will find one the market is big.
And as Richard also say -> give blender a chance!


Have you tried putting HDRI file for good reflection?
That’ll help alot.


when you mention “photo quality renders” then you need to look at other software focused on rendering