How To Identify What Made That Errant Geometry I Am Seeing?

I am working on a large hairy definition with a number of custom clusters that draws something in section from a lot of parameters and inputs. There is one errant rectangle appearing in plan in rhino when I run the definition and I am trying to track down what created it. I can tell from the layer it is on what part of the project it came out of, but the actual errant component could be almost anywhere in there. Its almost as if at some point I added the rectangle to confirm something about baking or whatever and then forgot about it and it is now camouflaged by the enormity of the cluster.

What is the fastest way to track this down? I wish I could just click on the rectangle in Rhino and have it point me to the cluster or component that made it!

well, the idea is not that distant from reality:

with your GH file (that generated the rectangle) open, starting from the component you baked to generate your geometries, you can enable the preview of every single component and trace back which one is the culprit… maybe you might want to CTRL+A (select all) and turn on the preview for all of them, then select groups of components until your wrong baked geometry become highlighted

easiest solution is always to upload the GH file with internalized relevant starting geometries

I found the problem doing what I had hoped to avoid, which is going component by component until I found the error.

Thanks for the input.